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Spider-Man PS4 – Hopes and Concerns

Spidey PS4 face

Hey all, Matt here! Just a minute ago, I finished watching the PlayStation E3 2017 live press conference. I’ve got a couple of thoughts on the show I’d like to share in a future post, where I’ll be writing about my thoughts on E3 2017 in its entirety. However, right now I’d like to focus on PlayStation’s final game that was shown at their E3 showcase, Spider-Man on PS4.


Ever since a new Spidey game was teased during last year’s E3, I’ve been patiently waiting for new information on the web-slinger’s PS4 debut. I have not felt excited about a new Spider-Man game since I played Spider-Man 2 on the Gamecube back in the mid-2000’s. That isn’t to say all of the Spider-Man games since then have been bad, but the ones that I played have certainly fallen short of expectation.


Since the announcement that Insomniac Games would be heading development on a new Spider-Man game, I’ve felt a stronger hope for a strong new entry in Spidey’s long list of video game releases. As the creators of Ratchet & Clank, Sunset Overdrive, and Resistance, I had faith that Insomniac Games would deliver an amazing new title in Spider-Man.


Today’s short demonstration at the end of PlayStation’s E3 event for Spider-Man has left me excited to see more of the game, and also worried about a few of the chosen mechanical decisions.

Spidey goop

Let’s cut to the chase – What am I most worried about? Well, I think anyone who saw the latest gameplay was quick to notice the frequent reliance on QTE’s throughout the demo, otherwise known as quick time events. This event is when a game wrestles control from the player and asks them to press a certain button, usually displayed on-screen, in time with the game’s action. Most of the time I don’t mind QTE’s as long as they aren’t entirely relied upon, but I wasn’t expecting quite the large number of them to show up in the gameplay demo as they did. Although Spidey’s basic combat looked solid, and the stealth sections interesting, the QTE’s that appeared in between encounters made me a bit disappointed. I think an over-reliance of QTE’s causes a lower level of excitement to continue playing a game, because it feels like the player is allowing the game to play itself, as opposed to the player being in total control of the experience.


Regardless, it was an exciting demo to show off, teasing at the involvement of Wilson Fisk (A.K.A. Kingpin) being involved with Spider-Man in one way or another, and I’m curious to see where the team at Insomniac Games takes the story.


Now that my initial worries are out of the way, what am I excited about in Spider-Man for PS4? Well, my answer probably won’t surprise anyone.


The swinging looks good. Straight up, it looks smooth, precise, and appears to offer a good level of control over Spidey’s mid-air movements. Obviously I have not played the game for myself, so I cannot attest to if the swinging really is any of these things, but that is how I felt from watching the gameplay stream.

Spidey PS4 logo.png

More than anything else from this E3, I was looking forward to Spider-Man on PS4. While the game is still at the top of my radar, I felt a little underwhelmed by the game’s first live demonstration. The entire sequence felt a little too linear and quick-time focused for my taste, with only a glimpse at the open-world swinging to be offered. However, I am still eagerly awaiting more news about the game, and will be there on day one to play Spider-Man on PS4. I still have hope that Insomniac will give Spider-Man fans a game that they enjoy, and frankly, deserve.


If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading. Feel free to follow me for any future posts I create.


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Question Time! Who’s Your Favorite Superhero?

A little while ago, I realized I haven’t posted anything here in a while. This is most likely due to my often-recurring procrastination habits.. For instance, instead of writing this, I really should be finishing up some work I have left to finish before tomorrow.


It’s time to talk about super heroes!


My favorite hero is Peter Parker, AKA Spider-Man. Ever since I saw the first Sam Raimi-directed Spider-Man film, I’ve been a huge fan of the web-slinger. His powers, witty nature, goofy one-liners, and badass costume have made me a fan. Even through his rough times, particularly the Spider-Man 3 film, I’ve enjoyed seeing Spidey both on the big screen and in comic books. This is why I really hope Sony and Marvel Studios are able to reach some sort of arrangement to have Spider-Man appear in an Avengers film. Seeing Spider-Man fight alongside The Avengers on the big screen sounds like a dream come true! I sometimes go back to fight scenes from previous Spider-Man films, just to see how they play out once more. In some ways, I’ve even enjoyed the new Spider-Man films starring Andrew Garfield. Maybe I’m a bit biased by being such a huge fan of the web-crawler, but I feel like the new films get way too much flak.

Thinking about it now, I may watch the original Spider-Man 2 this weekend…

Speaking of Spider-Man 2. Man, the video game for that movie was awesome. I know it’s been repeated many times before, but man.. THAT WEB-SWINGING. YOOOO

The web-swinging in the Spider-Man 2 video game is superb. It really made the player feel in control of their air-movement, able to precisely calculate where and when to land or shoot another shot of web. The adrenaline rush of watching Spidey fling through the air at high speeds is one that I greatly miss.


Anyway, your turn. Who’s your favorite superhero?

Thanks for reading!