THOUGHTS ON: Nintendo Switch – The Lead-Up to Launch

Hey everyone, hope all of you are doing well. I have to admit, after writing my last blog post, I felt relieved to get some of my personal thoughts off my chest. I don’t often share that sort of stuff, and I think writing it down helped me a lot, so thanks to anyone who read it.

Anyway, let’s get moving on to the next topic! This one is all about the Nintendo Switch.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, the huge blow-out event for the Nintendo Switch recently aired, showing off plenty of new information about the system. We got to hear about the launch line-up, system price, future software, and system features. However, I’m not going to go into the general specifications here, because plenty of other outlets have already reported on it. Instead, I’m just going to provide a few of my thoughts on the system and its potential in Nintendo’s future.

My first feeling after the presentation concluded could be described as disappointment. The launch day software was thinner than I anticipated, and the pricing of accessories to compliment the Switch appear more expensive than any of us had imagined. I still hold these same feelings of disappointment on accessory pricing, but the price of the system itself is pretty much what I expected. I’m still impressed at the sort of technology that Nintendo was able to cram into the device. My thoughts on the system overall have remained positive. If the software that Nintendo promised for 2017 remains on lock to release this year, then we have a strong first year coming to the Switch. Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey, Splatoon 2, Arms, Xenoblade 2, and more titles in addition to these making their way to the system in the first year would be a huge gain for Nintendo. I’m very happy with the software that has been shown to be coming soon, but it all depends on if Nintendo stays true to their word and releases these games on time.


More than delaying these games until a later date, there is something else that worries me about the Switch. It isn’t the hardware pricing, the lack of free online multiplayer, or a drought of software; it is the potential that Nintendo will decide to create another dedicated handheld device. Until the presentation’s debut, the Switch had been marketed extremely well by Nintendo, and made many of us believe that this new system would replace both the home console and handheld system line for Nintendo’s future. This is a move that I’ve been waiting years for; no longer do people have to shell out money for multiple systems in order to play Nintendo’s newest software. All they would need is a Switch purchase, and boom, they’ve got a nice lineup of Nintendo’s catalog available. However, if Nintendo feels that the Switch is not selling well enough, they may feel tempted to come up with a secondary system, one that focuses exclusively on handheld games, as opposed to the Switch’s capabilities as a home console and a handheld system. In my opinion, this would be the worst decision that the company could make with the Switch. Although I still plan on purchasing a Switch day one, (I have a pre-order locked in) I would still feel annoyed if a new system were to be introduced, after Nintendo’s heavy messaging that this system is the best of both worlds. With all of Nintendo’s efforts focused on the Switch (and for some months to come, the 3DS) the company would be able to direct all of their team’s’ efforts toward developing games on that system, instead of dividing software between a handheld and home console. In theory, this would give the system a steady stream of new software, convincing more people that the Switch is worth purchasing, and reassure them that they don’t need to buy a second system in order to enjoy all of Nintendo’s offerings. It’s too early to tell if Nintendo will double down its efforts on the Switch, foregoing their traditional handheld offerings, but I certainly hope they remain solely focused on the Switch and bring even more compelling games to the system.


The slow trickle of information since the presentation’s conclusion has made the wait for March 3rd all the more difficult, but it won’t be long now. Despite some of the negativity in this post, I am looking extremely forward to launch day. Right now I’ve only got Zelda and Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth + planned for purchase, because, well, the other launch day offerings don’t cater to my interests. Still, if there’s any game that I’ve felt is worth buying a system day-one for, it’s Zelda. Binding of Isaac is also a nice plus, because I never got around to playing the latest two expansions. Having sunk many hours into both original Isaac as well as Rebirth, I’m looking forward to seeing what’s new.

How do you feel about the Switch? Plan on picking one up soon, waiting for the game software to grow, or never plan on buying it? Feel free to let me know! Thanks for reading, guys.

  • Matt

6 thoughts on “THOUGHTS ON: Nintendo Switch – The Lead-Up to Launch

  1. SpeedySailor

    I’m pretty much in agreement with you here. I think the console itself looks awesome, but at the same time I was underwhelmed by the last conference and the implications of limited release games, steep periphery prices and payed online services. Personally I wish they had stuck to their guns with free online, the prices of accessories and such seem a little ridiculous, and for me there aren’t enough games for me to get the console within the year of its release at the very least. To be honest, even if I had an income, I would wait until 2018 to get a Switch. The hardware is cool, but I’m not sure how it will compete with the best of Sony’s and Microsoft’s offerings. I guess Nintendo are trying to pursue a unique market like they did with the Wii, but I’m just not sure how successful that would end up being — especially considering the lack of support for them in recent years in terms of the Wii U and the steep prices for everything.

    I dunno. Nice article!

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    1. Mad Matt Post author

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, Reuben. I wish they stuck with a free online service as well, but I suppose we’ll have to see how they improve the Switch’s network capabilities over the Wii U’s. Hopefully it’s an upgrade! The Wii U could certainly use some work with its online support.

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  2. the Well-Red Mage

    Hi there! I thought the presentation by Nintendo was a little awkward but I was excited enough to go ahead and pre-order the Switch. For someone like me who only buys a brand new game every blue moon, Zelda was a must have and thus so was the Switch. I hope it ends up surprising all of us in a positive way!


    1. Mad Matt Post author

      They could definitely have done better, especially with the whole translation issues that happened. But it’s good to hear you’re also excited for the Switch! What else besides Zelda are you looking forward to, if anything?

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      1. the Well-Red Mage

        Yeah the translation was pretty laughable. The guy in the lab coat doing Splatoon 2’s presentation was so into it but the voice over sounded like he was falling asleep. What a juxtaposition! Haha! I am excited for it! Particularly, besides for Zelda, I’m interested in the third party games like Rime, the JRPGs, that retro looking one by Square Enix, Bomberman, and eventually Mario Odyssey. That’s plenty for me, though I do wish the launch lineup was slightly more robust if only for the sake of it being impressive. I’d be excited for I Am Setsuna but I just finished playing it on PS4. I am not excited about 1-2 Switch. At all. Lol!


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