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Black Friday 2016 Pickups!

Hey everyone! I hope you’ve all had a great Thanksgiving and found yourselves some sweet deals this holiday – I know I’ve found a few solid sales on games I’ve had my eye on, which I’ll talk about here.

Oddly enough, I haven’t actually bought any hard copies of games or anything – all of my shopping so far has been digital and been worth much less than what I’ve spent in previous years. This is a bit of a change of pace for me, so I usually hop for physical media. Anyway, let’s get into it!

  1. Mad Max (PS4)


I’ve had my eye on this game for what feels like ages. The only reason I didn’t pick it up sooner was due the game releasing on the same day as Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain from last year, and at the time, my level of excitement for MGSV was through the roof. As a huge Mad Max fan, and after having watched Mad Max: Fury Road about six times, I’m looking forward to seeing what the game has to offer; and at $7.99 on the PlayStation Store, I couldn’t resist.

  1. Mega Man Legacy Collection (PS4)


I’ve been looking at this one for a while, in addition to Mad Max. Having never fully beaten Mega Man 2, I knew this was my best chance to finish that game and experience the other classic games in the long-running series. The only other Mega Man games that I’ve played and completed are Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10, so I’ve got some experience in the blue bomber’s field of platforming.

  1. Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 (PS4)


I played the demo for this game when it launched, and absolutely adored what it has to offer. The rapid speed of Pac-Man and the ghosts sprinting across each stage gave me a feeling of adrenaline that nowadays few games can achieve, which is why I’ve questioned until now why I didn’t download this game sooner. Despite this, the game is very solid, as I expected. After playing about an hour or so the other day, I only have one gripe – so far, it seems as if the only notable music track in the game is the first track, with the others sounding rather bland. I could be wrong, as I have yet to finish the game, and I’m hoping the rest of the music can reach the high bar that the first track achieves.

  1. The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX (3DS)


Okay, okay.. When I said earlier that I was waiting to play Mad Max for what felt like ages, that is nothing compared to how long I’ve felt waiting to play this game. Link’s Awakening has always been in my backlog, but for some poor reason or another, I kept pushing it off and forgetting to start the game up. Well, I noticed on the Nintendo eShop that it was offered for just a couple of bucks, and I couldn’t say no. After playing a little bit of the game, I can already tell that I’ll enjoy this one. I’m a bit of a sucker for Game Boy titles because I grew up in the era of Gameboy Color games, and fondly remember the simple graphics and pixel music.

  1. Battlefield 1 (PS4)


So I have not actually began playing this game, because it hasn’t arrived on my doorstep quite yet. I saw Amazon was offering the PS4 version for $27, and after hearing a bunch of praise for both the campaign and the tried-and-true Battlefield multiplayer, I knew I had to dive in. I invested a lot of time into Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4, so I was rather cautious leading up to this game’s launch. I decided not to spring for it at release, instead grabbing Titanfall 2 (which I think is for the best – like I mentioned in a previous write-up, that game is VERY good!) but now I’m looking forward to playing the newest entry in this long-running series. I’m still in awe that a World War 1 first-person shooter was created for the triple-A video gaming market in 2016; if you told me a few years ago during the modern military shooter craze that EA, of all companies, would be doing this in 2016, I’d have called you crazy. Doesn’t make me any less happy about this fresh territory for the shooter market!

Anyway, that’s all I got for now. Perhaps some upcoming deals on Monday will pique my interest.. We’ll see! Let me know if you picked up anything this past Friday or across the week leading up to Thanksgiving. Again, thanks for reading. Buh bye for now!

  • Matt

Tattoo Talk

Hi everyone, how’s your week going so far? I hope yours is going well, because I’ve been in a surprisingly positive mood the past few days. Classes are going fine, the family is doing well, and I’ve been playing some very fun games, so life is pretty okay right now.

I wanted to write today about something big that happened a while ago which I hadn’t previously mentioned. As you could probably tell from the title of this post, I got a tattoo! I’ve had it since March 20th of this year, and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. I didn’t mention this sooner because, well, I haven’t posted an update here in a while.


Zelda is one of my favorite game series of all time, right next to Metal Gear, Mario, and Uncharted, and for the past year and a half prior to March, I had been thinking about how cool the Hylian Crest would look as a tattoo on my upper right shoulder. I took the plunge with a friend of mine, who also wished to get a tattoo (although her’s was in a different spot – on her ankle. Probably not the best first tattoo location!)

Overall, it was a great experience for the both of us. It was very liberating to decide for ourselves what we wanted changed about ourselves, and having a friend alongside while receiving the tattoo made the experience a little less stressful. I think the artist did a great job with the tattoo, and I couldn’t be happier with it. Side note: It took quite a long time for the hair on my shoulder to grow back, because they have to shave any hair that would be blocking the tattoo’s location. No problem with that, but I thought it was funny, considering I’m a rather hairy guy who’s hair usually grows back at a rapid pace.

In other more recent events, the new Overcooked additional levels released yesterday. I did not realize until their arrival that new DLC was going to be available, and upon downloading the new levels I immediately called up my friend and told him about the additional kitchens to cook within. He showed up at my place very shortly to play cooperatively! Suffice to say, the game is a great deal of fun, and while the add-on content is short, it offers even more Overcooked action, which I can’t get enough of.


I’ll wrap things up here. I hope things are going well with all of you fine readers. Bye for now! Feel free to follow me on Twitter if you want to hear more of my dumb thoughts about video games, the industry itself, or general ramblings.

Once again, thank you for reading.

  • Matt

THOUGHTS ON – Titanfall 2

I was originally going to do an entire write-up of both the single player and multiplayer of Titanfall 2, spanning two written pieces each containing the best and worst things that each one accomplishes. However, after several days of being unhappy with what I’ve written each time I sit down at the computer, I think a change in the style of this write-up is necessary.

Instead of writing a traditional review of the game, I’ll just talk about the pros and cons of Titanfall 2 that stand out to me. With that said, I’m not entirely sure if this should even be filed within the “review” category or not… Maybe an opinion piece is more appropriate. Anyway, here we go!


The shooting feels solid, running and jumping between walls makes you feel like a badass, and grappling onto titans to rip out their batteries is satisfying, both in single player and multiplayer. I was wary of using the grappling hook leading up to release, but the combination of sprinting, wall-running, double-jumping, and grapple-hooking makes for an exhilarating set of abilities given to you, with even more traversal options available aside from the ones I mentioned.

I think the best way to define the moment-to-moment gameplay of Titanfall 2 is to describe it as a mix between the solid shooting of Call of Duty, the parkour acrobatics from Mirror’s Edge, and throw in giant robots controlled by humans and robots alike for good measure. Obviously there are many mechanical differences than just the ones described, but if I had to describe Titanfall 2 in a single sentence, that would most likely be it. Throughout the campaign, you’ll pick up temporary gadgets or abilities that help define each level, and each one stands out well in my head, even after playing the campaign only once. I’ll be doing a second playthrough in the near-future.

By now, the people who are interested in Titanfall 2 probably know most, if not all of the details surrounding the game, so I’ll just mention one more point here.

The addition of boss fights in the game’s campaign is, in two words, fucking awesome.

Each new boss shit-talks you, Jack Cooper, as well as your titan, BT-7274. I wish each boss was more fleshed out, especially due to some of them only having a few voice lines before being decimated by you and your titan. However, their addition makes each chapter more memorable, and made me look forward to what the next boss brought to the table. The only major complaint I have about the boss fights involves the second to last boss encounter, against a guy named Viper. This guy is my favorite of the bunch, but also the most frustrating. The difficulty spike between him and the other bosses feels a bit off, because the rest of the boss encounters is not too difficult. However, Viper required many tries for me to best him. Side note: my first playthrough of Titanfall 2 was on the hard difficulty mode. The game felt very-well balanced during this experience, aside from the boss fight that I just mentioned.


All right, I have to end this write-up before I go mad. I’ve had difficulty over the past week writing up my thoughts on why I enjoy Titanfall 2 so much, but this is a quick summary of what I enjoyed. I’ll be writing another post this week on something that I’ve been meaning to mention for a little while now, so I’m looking forward to that! I hope that if you’ve made it this far, you’re looking forward to my new piece as well.

Well, that about does it. I hope your week is great, and take care! Thank you for reading.

  • Matt