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Avoiding Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Spoilers

Reviews have come in for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, legendary game-maker Hideo Kojima’s final outing in the Metal Gear franchise, and reception to the newest entry in the Metal Gear saga has been extremely positive. Across the board, journalists have praised the level of depth the game offers, citing the many varied gameplay options as wonderful selling points. Although Metal Gear has always had an emphasis on stealth-based gameplay, MGSV allows many different playstyles while tackling the next crazy mission on offer.

MGSV boat shot

Of course, the internet is still directing hate toward the game’s publisher Konami in light of their recent behavior (and rightfully so!) but that’s not what I’ll be writing about today. I’d like to talk about how to avoid spoilers for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain leading up to the game’s release on September 1st.

So! Here’s a few tips on how to avoid spoilers in the lead-up to MGSV’s release.

  1. If you’re on Twitch, disable Twitch chat. I love reading some of the comments on Twitch chat, they can be very entertaining – but there are bound to be at least a few users hoping to spoil the story of upcoming titles for other people, and that’s no fun.
  2. Try to avoid YouTube comments. I mean, I usually try to do this most of the time regardless, but follow this advice NOW MORE THAN EVER. I know, this is a recurring joke, but that’s mostly because it is completely true – most YouTube users post terrible comments. Don’t let the accidental reading of one comment ruin MGSV’s story for you.
  1. Watch the launch trailer for the game at your own risk! I personally have not watched the launch trailer, in fear that it will reveal major plot points that I have not yet been exposed to. Of course, having not seen the trailer myself, I cannot prove that it provides any plot spoilers to speak of, but regardless, I’ll be playing it safe by avoiding watching the trailer until I finish the main story of The Phantom Pain, as silly as it may sound.
  2. Only read reviews for the game that have confirmed a lack of spoilers! For this, I’d highly recommend checking out Game Informer’s review of The Phantom Pain. Great write-up, and avoids any and all spoilers about the game’s story.

    Diamond Dogs

And there we have it! These points might seem like common sense to some of you, but I thought I’d provide a write-up on how best to avoid spoilers for upcoming media, in particular Metal Gear Solid V. I’ve probably said it before, but I am looking extremely forward to getting my hands on this new title. I have a lot of love for the Metal Gear series, and so I’ll most likely write a review for the title within the coming weeks as I binge-play the new game!

Thanks for reading! I hope you all enjoy the final chapter in Big Boss’ story come September 1st, and have an awesome week!

CQC hug

Maybe we’ll get another CQC hug! Who knows!?


I’ve Entered the World of PC Gaming

These past few weeks, I was considering replacing my laptop with a more powerful one. Seeing as Killer Instinct on PC is nearing release (I hope!) I figured now was a better time than ever to splurge on a brand-new computer. I had been rocking an old 2008 Samsung notebook for about seven years, and when the thing started to have trouble playing YouTube videos at 60FPS, I had a feeling it was time for an upgrade.

MSI notebook

I’d considered building my own tower, but then a friend of mine recommended I check out the MSI line of notebooks. My current living situation at the moment is a bit up in the air, and if for some reason I needed to find a new place to stay, lugging over the tower might have been a hassle. With that in mind, I decided to look into the notebooks that my friend recommended. MSI seems to offer a great number of solid notebooks, with many of them receiving high marks from critics.

I wanted something that can play recent releases, as well as a couple of upcoming titles that I’m eager to check out in the future (Killer Instinct and Gears of War Remastered immediately come to mind). However, I still keep my PlayStation 4 and Wii U close to heart; they’ll most likely remain my two main gaming platforms in the years to come, with some PC gaming on the side.

MSI notebook 2

The notebook that I decided to purchase is the MSI GE62 APACHE-002, with a 15.6 inch display. So far, I’m really enjoying this computer. Every game I’ve ran on here works flawlessly. Also, Windows 10 just released, and after installing and playing around with the new update, I can say that it is miles ahead of Windows 8. A clean interface with (mostly) easy to navigate menus make this update pretty slick. Plus, it was free, so that’s cool. Only issue I’ve encountered so far is the lowered resolution of the Steam app; for whatever reason, when I open up Steam, the application’s resolution is much lower than that of what it used to be. It’s very odd because Steam is the only application affected by this issue. I’ve tried finding a solution online, to no luck. Hopefully I can find a fix soon.

Steam sales are going to be the end of me (again).

Steam sale spongebob

Thanks for reading!