E3 Anticipation – Sony

After a great presentation by Bethesda earlier, I am looking even more forward to seeing what Sony and Nintendo have rolled up their sleeves for their E3 showcase. Let’s get started with my expectations for Sony’s PlayStation 2015 conference!


Uncharted 4 Wallpaper

1. Uncharted 4 gameplay demo, announcement of release date and/or multiplayer beta. I think this one is pretty much a given, seeing as the main banner of E3 2015 is a poster of Nathan Drake, and we received a gameplay trailer last year, so it’d be a bit strange if Mr. Drake didn’t show up on-screen in his new game at one point or another. It’ll most likely be the show’s opening or closing demonstration.

Bloodborne werewolf

2. Bloodborne expansion! Maybe a short teaser, or an expected release date, I’m expecting something Bloodborne-related to be shown during the show. After the high sales figures of the base game, this is the perfect time for Sony to keep the Bloodborne hype train flowing.

Morpheus dude

3. Morpheus VR stuff.

Guerrilla Games LogoMedia Molecule Logo

4. Media Molecule and Guerrilla Games new IP unveiling. These ones have been a long time coming, and I hope we get to see the new projects they’ve been working on.

No Man's Sky image

5. A release date for No Man’s Sky, along with a few other notable indie titles including The Witness.

PS4 controller

6. Gameplay demonstrations for Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, or Star Wars Battlefront 3. Andrew House mentioned the company is focused this Fall on third-party offerings, so I feel like the company is going to focus on making these games appear as PlayStation-focused as they possibly can. (I wasn’t quite sure to what to place as the bullet point image, so please look at this Dualshock 4 controller.

More than anything, I hope we see new IP unveiled by Sony’s first party studios. Even though the first-party offerings for the end of this year are slim pickings, I’m hoping that Sony proves to us that their own studios have been hard at work on killer new games that release in early to mid 2016.

Thanks for reading, and I hope to hear your impressions on the show! Happy E3!!


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