E3 Anticipation – Bethesda

It’s finally here! The week of E3 is nearly upon us, and I am filled with excitement, just as I am every year. I’m looking forward to seeing all of the press conferences, because I believe that every company has at least one game or concept that will pique my interest.

First up on the list is Bethesda, who (if I’m remembering correctly) hasn’t made an appearance at E3 in quite some time, if at all. So, let’s get started. Here are my expectations:

Fallout 4 cover

1. Fallout 4 release date and ‘live’ gameplay demonstration.

Doom generic demon
2. New Doom trailer, vague placeholder date (example: coming early 2016).

BJ Blazkowicz old and new
3. Something Wolfenstein-related, possibly another standalone expansion to the New Order, in a similar vein to The Old Blood.

Dishonored mask
4. Dishonored 2 revealed, gameplay demonstration with a placeholder date.

And now, here are my hopes that may not come true! But I really hope they do..

1. Fallout 4 release date *Todd Howard walks on stage* “Hey guys, Fallout 4 is releasing this October. Get hyped.” *drops mic, walks off stage*
2. Doom gameplay trailer, multiplayer beta starts IMMEDIATELY to all Wolfenstein: The New Order owners who received a Doom multiplayer beta invite.
3. Elder Scrolls VI teased (I seriously doubt this one will happen, but you never know).

And there we have it. There’s my expectations, and my (not so realistic) predictions. Hope you enjoyed reading this, and I’ll be back to write my thoughts after the conference as well as my expectations for Sony, and Nintendo’s E3 talks.

Happy E3, everyone! Thanks for reading.


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