PLAYING RECENTLY – Bloodborne (no spoilers)

Yeah. So like the title states, I’ve been playing Bloodborne recently.  A lot of Bloodborne. It’s super good.

Bloodborne hunter

No, I mean it’s really, really good.

I’ll avoid mentioning any spoilers, since I’m sure many people have yet to play/complete the game. I’m thoroughly impressed with the atmosphere and lighting Bloodborne has on show. I assumed most of the game would take place within the cobble-stone streets of Yharnam, but I couldn’t be more wrong. A good portion of the accessible areas are within the city, absolutely, but there are also areas that diverge into what could be described as “nightmare-ish” zones, in which enemies lie in wait as you explore each new area.

The expected gameplay style from the ‘Souls’ series is here in full force, but at a much faster pace. Enemies are capable of darting around your attacks as fast as you can avoid theirs, and at some points this makes you feel equal (or flat-out less powerful than) to the creatures you are slaying. The game can be likened to a faster-paced Demon’s Souls, complete with a hub world in which you return to in order to level up by spending the game’s currency, known as blood echoes. The names of items and equipment have changed to reflect Bloodbone’s environments, and the boss encounters, for the most part, require more offensive efforts to effectively take them down.

The enemies fit perfectly into the Bloodborne universe, involving some really spectacular enemy and boss designs. Without spoiling the name of the boss, my favorite boss encounter so far has been the one that is found in the Nightmare Frontier, an optional area of the game. It provides some really thrilling encounters and ends with a boss fight that I can’t stop thinking about.

Cleric beast

I haven’t dabbled much in the player versus player (PvP) aspect of Bloodborne yet, but what I did find is a system that functionally works well, but could use a few improvements. For example, I once had another player invade my game world, only to spawn right behind me, giving me only a couple of seconds to react to his/her attack. This only happened to me once, but it seemed like such a large oversight to have happen.

However, the co-op aspect of the title definitely needs some improvements. A friend of mine and I have tried joining up to beat a couple of boss encounters together, and even though we follow all of the required guidelines to be matched up online with a friend, the game sometimes refused to allow us to play together. The new ‘bell’ summoning mechanic is cool in concept, but has yet to work fully as intended.

Lastly, I don’t think it needs much explanation, but man. Those load times could be better. They aren’t game-breaking in any way, but I wish areas would load a bit quicker between deaths/teleports.

Overall, I’m immensely enjoying my time in Yharnam. I’m approaching 30+ hours on the title, and I’m looking forward to devoting even more time into this game. If you have a PS4, check it out!

Bloodborne werewolf 2

Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “PLAYING RECENTLY – Bloodborne (no spoilers)

    1. tennis12master Post author

      Thanks! I think the game is definitely worth a system purchase. Of course, there’s plenty of other reasons to pick up a PS4, but Bloodborne is my favorite title on the console so far. I’ve had it since launch and this is the most fun I’ve had yet.



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