Get Hyped – Bloodborne Draws Near!

It’s almost finally here. The newest exclusive game for PS4 comes to us from the intelligent minds at From Software, possibly best known for their break-out hits Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls I and II. Each of these have been highly praised over the past few years, and because of this there are high expectations set for their newest project, Bloodborne. While on the surface the game appears to play similarly to the Souls games that From Software has previously developed, there are a few changes in particular which I am super excited for.

Bloodborne title card

To start off, there’s a large emphasis on dodging enemy attacks in Bloodborne, as opposed to blocking attacks with a shield like in the Souls games. While the Souls games pushed the idea of dodging enemy attacks to best survive, there was also a large presence of shields in the games, available for both the player and certain enemy types to utilize. Key figures at From Software have stated that Bloodborne emphasizes the usage of dodging enemy attacks, because shields will not be as frequent as they were in the Souls games. I fully welcome this change, because by removing a shield which players can hide behind, it appears as if combat in Bloodborne will be faster-paced and more intense than ever before. I’m looking forward to seeing the strategies online players in PVP will utilize! Hopefully there will be some new badass dodging mechanics to be found.

Moving on from gameplay changes, the atmosphere and environments of Bloodborne are simply awesome. The Victorian-Gothic setting with crazed villagers and giant beasts await players when they start the game, and each of the environments looks very deep with many nooks and crannies to explore. The gloomy and dark setting fits in perfectly with the fantasy-esque enemy types that have been shown off. The werewolves in particular look especially terrifying to battle, due to their fast-pace nature and loud snarls.

Bloodborne werewolf

I’ve been on a media blackout for Bloodborne, avoiding most game videos and previews since E3 2014, but as the game draws close I’m finding it increasingly difficult to avoid reading or watching anything about the game! If you own a PS4 and/or have played any of the Souls games, do yourself a favor and give a look at Bloodborne. It looks hype!!

Thanks for reading!


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