Question Time! Who’s Your Favorite Superhero?

A little while ago, I realized I haven’t posted anything here in a while. This is most likely due to my often-recurring procrastination habits.. For instance, instead of writing this, I really should be finishing up some work I have left to finish before tomorrow.


It’s time to talk about super heroes!


My favorite hero is Peter Parker, AKA Spider-Man. Ever since I saw the first Sam Raimi-directed Spider-Man film, I’ve been a huge fan of the web-slinger. His powers, witty nature, goofy one-liners, and badass costume have made me a fan. Even through his rough times, particularly the Spider-Man 3 film, I’ve enjoyed seeing Spidey both on the big screen and in comic books. This is why I really hope Sony and Marvel Studios are able to reach some sort of arrangement to have Spider-Man appear in an Avengers film. Seeing Spider-Man fight alongside The Avengers on the big screen sounds like a dream come true! I sometimes go back to fight scenes from previous Spider-Man films, just to see how they play out once more. In some ways, I’ve even enjoyed the new Spider-Man films starring Andrew Garfield. Maybe I’m a bit biased by being such a huge fan of the web-crawler, but I feel like the new films get way too much flak.

Thinking about it now, I may watch the original Spider-Man 2 this weekend…

Speaking of Spider-Man 2. Man, the video game for that movie was awesome. I know it’s been repeated many times before, but man.. THAT WEB-SWINGING. YOOOO

The web-swinging in the Spider-Man 2 video game is superb. It really made the player feel in control of their air-movement, able to precisely calculate where and when to land or shoot another shot of web. The adrenaline rush of watching Spidey fling through the air at high speeds is one that I greatly miss.


Anyway, your turn. Who’s your favorite superhero?

Thanks for reading!


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