THOUGHTS ON: Evolve DLC – What Gives?


Evolve DLC – What Gives?

After writing my last blog about anticipated games for February of 2015, I decided to look further into the titles I put on that list. Kirby, The Order, Resident Evil, and Evolve all appeared to offer some level of enjoyment to look forward to. However, after reading more details about Evolve and the business strategy surrounding the game’s launch, I have come to the realization that I simply cannot support a developer’s title that pushes onto consumers so many downloadable content packs either on the day of, or extremely soon after the game launches.

I took a look at the official news release from Take-Two Interactive, the publisher of the game Evolve. In their news release located here, the company details some of the near-future updates to their soon-to-be-released title. A beta for the Xbox One version of Evolve is releasing for players on January 15th, offering bonus rewards to those who play before the full game’s launch. I always appreciate when a developer realizes the complex nature of online multiplayer games and decides to stress test their servers before a full game launch, to hopefully streamline their game’s online play when the release day hits. In this regard, good on Turtle Rock Studios, creators of Evolve, for realizing the benefits of an online beta for their game.

However, that’s about the only positive thing I have to say about Evolve today. Elsewhere in the article, under the “Details of Today’s Evolve Announcement” header, are some words which I loathe seeing in the gaming industry. Some key terms from this post are as follows: “Season Pass” “Digital Deluxe Edition” “Monster Race Edition” “Pre-purchase” and “Monster Expansion Pack”.

See, we all know where the gaming industry is at nowadays. Higher-ups realize the profit to be found in video games, so they exploit some well-known franchises to the highest degree, hoping to earn big while that game is popular. When I see these key terms found in the Take-Two Evolve article, words like the ones I posted above, my only thought is as follows: Disappointment.

I am disappointed that video games have fallen into the trap of gross monetization and executives grabbing for consumers’ wallets even after they purchased a full game. Not all games have succumbed to this fate, but when I see a promising new IP like Evolve be ridden down with downloadable packs and season pass bonuses even before the game is released, my faith in that title is lost.

Before seeing this Take-Two announcement, my hopes for Evolve were cautious, but interested. Now, my interest in the game has taken a dip. I cannot support business practices such as the ones that Take-Two and Turtle Rock have shown us.

It is a statement that has been made hundreds, maybe thousands of times before, but I have to repeat it myself. Please, please, please, please do not pre-order a video game. Video games are not in limited quantity like they used to be; thanks to digital distribution and the increased production of game titles, we are seeing a greater abundance of games being produced like never before.

If you must pre-order, let it be at a location in which you are able to receive your full money back for the purchase, should you decide to cancel the pre-order before buying. With the huge expanse of information available at our fingertips through the internet, we should not be relying on blind faith that a game title will be enjoyable. Video game buyers have to read up on new games, and see if their money is worth spending on a game. I will probably revisit this topic at another point in the future, but for now, we will let this rest.

Final words: Try to not pre-purchase Evolve, or any game for that matter. Wait to hear consumer reactions, and think about if the game is worth the money spent for it.

Evolve DLC
See the picture above this text? Don’t pre-order this. Please. At least try!
Oh well, it’s not like I have control over your buying decisions.

Thanks for reading!


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